Antigona Transformative visual identity to become a modern flower shop.

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Visual Identity Design
Corporate Stationery Design

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Antigona Flower Shop

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Antigona is a family owned boutique flower shop with years of experience in floral design and growing organic plants and flowers. The owners approached us to help them update their visual identity and reposition from traditional to a modern flower shop with elegant look and feel.

The idea behind the updated brand is to reinforce the message of the positive effects of the plants and flowers on our well-being, positivity, calmness, and happiness. Antigona is for people who believe that a plant or flower can have a positive impact on our mood, also for people who enjoy a minimal lifestyle, minimal floral designs, and high-end planters.

The visual identity was carefully made to reflect the brand philosophy, the floral and the interior design, through elegant print materials, high-quality textures, and simple shapes and forms.

Antigona Store Front
Antigona Logo

An elegant and intimate way to connect with nature.

Antigona Full Scene
Antigona Business Cards
Antigona Room Scene

Where plants thrive and flowers bloom, so does positivity, calmness, and happiness.

Antigona Folder Opened
Antigona Envelope
Antigona Flower House
Antigona Posters
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Antigona Cactus Plant