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Driven by a simple mission to help companies leave their mark.

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Why choose us

At Alphamark™, we value transparency, effective collaboration, and practical design solutions.

Agile & Boutique

Being small and agile allows us to tailor your projects, involve the expertise of our team members in each project individually, and deliver a service that perfectly meets your needs and attention.

B2B Industry Experience

By working with specific industries in the B2B sector, we developed deep industry expertise that helps us make clever decisions and provide our clients with results-oriented solutions.

Business Perspective

We always look from a business perspective, focusing on the bigger picture — your business goals, story, vision, and most importantly, your customer's goals.

Value for the money

Our independence gives us the ultimate flexibility to work efficiently and provide excellent value to our clients for competitive prices while never compromising the premium quality of each project.

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Leave your mark™

Companies can have a global impact and reach international audiences in today's connected world. New products and services are born daily. Competition forces specialisation. It's more important now than ever for companies to use the power of 'honest differentiation' and stand out to leave their mark.

Our philosophy

'Alpha' means something or someone first in position, order, or class, symbolising leadership, and 'Mark' means an area different from its surroundings, conveying the idea of leaving a visible and memorable impression.

We believe that leaving a first and continuous impression is the most important part of every interaction. Our belief fueled our purpose to help companies facing the issue of differentiation and market adaptation. Transparency is valuable. Which makes branding the driving force of each organisation ▪ what deeper value do we provide? How can we communicate it visually?

We create ultimate brand value by harnessing insights and translating your unique personality into visual communication, helping your company to leave a mark.

Alphamark World

Leave your mark™

Shift to premium.

Awards & Recognition ▪ We've been honored to be recognised by some of the most trusted branding and website sources and communities.

Alphamark™ Team

By utilising our mutual ideas and collective chemistry, we always preserve our teamwork and push ourselves further up the path of our expertise.

Coming up with creative solutions requires more than dedication. We heavily rely on teamwork to elevate our decision-making process, which gives birth to the best possible results while blending professionalism with entertainment.

Antonio Stojceski

Founder & Designer

Brand strategist and creative director with years of experience in the field of branding, corporate identity and interface design. I love solving complex problems and providing thoughtful experiences with a focus to improve every aspect of our life.

Boban Madzoski

Creative Developer

Creative and ambitious web developer, constantly up to date with new technologies and techniques for building modern and result-oriented websites. I aspire to find a solution to every challenge my profession brings to me, most effectively and efficiently.

Stefan Tankov

Graphic Designer

Following interests for graphic and geometrical explorations while studying architecture, sparked a desire in working with grid systems, typography and illustration. I experiment with design both through visual identities and all kinds of visual art.

Petar Stojceski

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer experienced in building meaningful and memorable visual identity systems and timeless logos and symbols. I focus only on what is essential to create purposeful and functional designs with a clean and minimalist approach.

We fuel our design expertise with technical know-how to create visual solutions that drive change and accelerate growth.

  • Experts At:

  • ▪ Visual Communication

  • ▪ Corporate Identity Design

  • ▪ Logo Design

  • ▪ Website Design

  • ▪ Front-End Development

  • ▪ Brand Guidelines

  • ▪ Rebranding

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"The collaboration with Alphamark was very fruitful. I was very excited by their ability to deeply understand the core of our business and then apply the findings to our brand and identity. Alphamark is more than just a design studio. They also provided consulting assistance throughout the design process, which added value to the whole company."

Yannick Heymann

CEO ▪ Purevirtual AG

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