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A company culture that thrives in a collaborative environment.

Close Collaboration

We remove the extra layers of dealing with multiple people. Each client gets its attention, in-person updates, feedback, and personal input.

Transparency & Flexibility

Transparent about project estimations, processes, and company insights - leads to more efficient workflow and flexibility to adapt to our client's needs, budget and time-frames.


We ask a lot of questions. We listen. We are eager to discover as much as possible about your challenges, motivations, and goals.

Quality over Quantity

We don’t work just to produce. We are passionate about design and we carefully craft the finest details on each project.

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Specialized in identity design, we help businesses to clarify their visual communication and evolve their brand.

Experts at:

  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Logo Design
  • Art Direction
  • Stationery & Print Design
  • Brand Guideliness
  • Rebranding

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Alphamark Teamwork Point to Document

Yannick Schulz

CEO, Purevirtual AG

"The collaboration with Alphamark was very fruitful. I was very excited by their ability to deeply understand the core of our business and then apply the findings to our brand and identity. Alphamark is more than just a design studio. They also provided consulting assistance throughout the design process, which added value to the whole company."

The Team

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Antonio Stojceski

General Manager & Designer

Brand strategist and creative director with years of experience in the field of branding, corporate identity and interface design. I love solving complex problems and providing thoughtful experiences with a focus to improve every aspect of our life.

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Boban Madzoski

Web Developer

Creative and ambitious web developer, constantly up to date with new technologies and techniques for building modern and result-oriented websites. I aspire to find a solution to every challenge my profession brings to me, most effectively and efficiently.

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Alphamark Team Member

Petar Stojceski

Graphic Designer

Graphic designer experienced in building meaningful and memorable visual identity systems and timeless logos and symbols. I focus only on what is essential to create purposeful and functional designs with a clean and minimalist approach.

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