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Redefining Bemo. A fusion of design and storytelling.

Specializing in visual effects and animation, Bemo is a creative studio with major clients in its portfolio. With over a decade of experience in the creative field, they reached out with the idea to completely reimagine how they position themselves in their industry and how they present their work.

Having such an extensive and visually captivating portfolio, we decided that the best approach to this redesign would be to give visual priority to their works. We achieved this by crafting a visual language that uses design elements only as functional or guiding information, placed in carefully crafted grid systems.

All typography is standardized under the Neue Haas Grotesk Display typeface and the identity utilizes an achromatic palette which enhances the vibrancy of the works. Information is strategically placed using the difference effect or within a vector line going along the middle of the format. The line serves both as a focal guiding point and becomes the main brand asset that distinguishes the identity from others.

These core design choices aim to render Bemo's new visual identity as both sleek and sophisticated, seamlessly complementing and showcasing their stunning visual narratives.

Bemo's redesign elevates its position among competitors with an enhanced brand perception positively impacting overall visibility.

Deliverables ↓

Creative Direction
Visual Communication
Website Design
Website Development

A simple portfolio-centric website was designed with a clear goal — to showcase the studio’s visually captivating work and invite visitors to explore the diverse worlds they have crafted over the past decade.

Bemo Projects Showcase

Bemo’s new primary outlet for presenting their work branches out in two directions: works and information. One is a universe of the many different worlds the studio has crafted over the past decade, while the other is a page dedicated to providing all relevant information about the studio.

Client Testimonial

We had a remarkable experience collaborating with Alphamark. The whole process felt completely natural from the start. They worked with us to find the right tone for our studio while making space for our input to be integrated. Their attention to detail exceeded our expectations and built a strong trust inside of the process. It was an honor to collaborate with Alphamark and we look forward to working together again soon.

Brandon Hirzel

Founder • Bemo

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