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A visual identity that stands on the border of complex large-scale data and effective visual simplicity.

Artificial intelligence holds the potential to transform various industries, however, many companies have yet to adopt its use due to integration obstacles, development expenses, and a lack of expertise in the field.

Monobotics Technologies' mission is to become an affordable go-to provider of plug-and-play computer vision systems for SMEs.

To achieve this objective, we crafted a visual identity that mimics large-scale data processing in an easily understandable way.

Exploring the concept of visually simplifying complex data, we designed a logo that is a fusion of numerous anchor points, collectively forming a sophisticated shape that symbolizes vision at first sight. Additionally, it also represents the three stages of how computer vision systems work: observing, processing, and understanding.

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Logo Design
Visual Communication
Website Design
Website Development

Monobotics Technologies Typography

Opting for a tech-oriented typeface such as DM Mono was the clear choice in the typographic direction. It embodies the ‘data’ aspect, complemented by the refined sans-serif PP Mori, which harmonizes the identity in large headlines and body text.


The color palette consists of achromatic grey tones, complemented by Mono Red which reinforces brand recognizability and serves as a strong highlight color, emphasizing the purpose of this powerful AI tool.

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