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Nestvested ■ Kingston, Jamaica

Consulting & Advisory


A visual communication strategy that reveals the power of automation in financial institutions.

Nestvested provides a powerful, cloud-based machine learning platform developed to help banks, financial and lending institutions to create a better lending experience by digitizing their customers' lending journey.

Their advanced software solution helps by boosting lending decisions, improving accuracy and reducing risk and loan-approval times with a clear return on investment.

We were assigned to design the Nestvested visual identity, product interface and corporate website.

The goal was to ensure that we deliver an interface with a simple, straight-to-the-point customer experience and brand communication strategy that elevates their desire to help organizations reduce complexity by harnessing the power of automation and technology.

We developed a sharp-edged geometric shape, matching the character with their cutting-edge technology, symbolizing background processes and seamless scale by automation.

Deliverables ↓

Logo Design
Corporate Identity Design
Branding Guidelines
Corporate Website Design
Software UI/UX Design
Sales Deck

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Search System • Digital, 2022
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Nestvested Typography
Nestvested Color Palette
Nestvested Brand UI Elements
Nestvested Letterhead
Nestvested Ad Communication
Nestvested Business Cards
Nestvested Stationery
Nestvested Web Hero
Nestvested Web Elements
Nestvested Posters
Nestvested Product Dashboard
Nestvested Product Customer
Nestvested Product New User
Nestvested Product Dashboard
Nestvested Product Get Started
Nestvested Product New User
Nestvested Product Login

Nestvested Ad
Nestvested Product Dark UI
Nestvested Sales Deck
Nestvested Dashboard UI
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