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Purevirtual ■ Cologne, Germany

Consulting & Advisory


A transformative approach to make a bold move towards the IT Consulting & IT infrastructure industry.

Purevirtual AG, in addition to transparent and open-ended consulting, also provides the option of having the optimal IT infrastructure for your business, implemented and managed directly by competent experts and experienced consultants.

In close collaboration with the founder and the managing directors of Purevirtual AG, the first step was to understand the core of the business and identify positioning opportunities.

After intensive discovery, we decided to narrow down and emphasize the Purevirtual harmonized approach between consulting and operations, resulting in stability, efficiency and growth opportunities for the partner companies.

Purevirtual Environmental
Purevirtual Business Cards
Purevirtual Logo

The graphic of a forward-moving arrow was the starting point of the visual communication strategy, clearly resonating with the core role of IT infrastructure — becoming the bloodstream of every modern company and ultimately keeping businesses moving forward.


The arrow graphic was confidently incorporated at the center of various print and digital media, resulting in an engaging and sophisticated design system with a professional tone.

Purevirtual Stationery
Purevirtual Home Closeup

The Purevirtual website is the key component of the company’s online presence. The main goal was to create an online solution that will communicate to the high-level executives about the importance and the benefits of proper IT infrastructure and position Purevirtual as high-end, professional consultants and experts in the IT domain.

Purevirtual Tablet Closeup

We used a benefits-oriented language and visuals/diagrams to explain each Purevitual service with simplified keywords. At the same time, creating space for the tech-savvy visitors to learn more about the technical capabilities of the Purevirtual team.

Purevirtual Web Responsive
Purevirtual Color Palette

Client Testimonial

“The collaboration with Alphamark was very fruitful. I was very excited by their ability to deeply nderstand the core of our business and then apply the findings to our brand and identity. Alphamark is more than just a design studio. They also provided consulting assistance throughout the design process, which added value to the whole company.“

Yannick Haymann

CEO • Purevirtual (Sysfacts)

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