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Corporate Identity

"Our corporate identity design services are delivered to communicate your company values and beliefs with clear frameworks and rules.”

Antonio Stojceski

Antonio Stojceski

Founder • Alphamark™

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Why corporate identity

Your identity drives change, increases the value of your company, and contributes to your organization to move faster and more efficiently.

Gain a competitive edge

A professional corporate identity attracts the attention of potential customers and makes your business a preferred choice.

Enhance your brand perception

A well-defined and consistent brand conveys professionalism, reliability, and expertise. It positively impacts customer loyalty and influences premium-brand perception, ultimately resulting in business growth.

Achieve brand clarity

Achieve brand clarity by simplifying your visual communication to what really matters. By expressing your distinct personality, core values, what you do, and who you are.

Your brand has a personality.

Your brand has a feeling.

Your brand is moving forward.

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Corporate identity services

Branding & Identity

  • ⮡ Creative Direction

  • ⮡ Visual Communication

  • ⮡ Logo Design

  • ⮡ Identity Systems & Guidelines

  • ⮡ Rebranding

  • ⮡ Stationery & Print Design

  • ⮡ Digital Brand Assets


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“Working with Alphamark was a great pleasure. They were responsible for the whole process from idea to execution of our corporate identity. The process began by first identifying the company’s DNA , and from there on, the process of developing the visual identity was coherent. After several creative iterations, we can say that they managed to create a really outstanding and unique creative direction that greatly aligns with the evolution of our business.“

Lars Möehring

Founder • Enua Pharma

“I can not recommend Alphamark enough to not only fulfill but to surpass any expectation you have for content creation and design; to assist in building your brand. The collaboration and communication was seamless throughout the entire process. Their work was exceptional quality and I will continue to use them for branding and creation!“

Bryan Keith

Founder • MYOMUV

"Working with Alphamark has been absolutely phenomenal! Their ability to go deep, truly understand a business and then transform this into a brand and a narrative is exceptional. Antonio is a gifted professional with an ability to tell a company’s story that resonates and sticks. Can highly recommend Alphamark and look forward to continuing our working relationship with them!"
Francois Schramek

Francois Schramek

Co-Founder • Dropterra Limited

Simplicity + Sophistication
Admiring Work Papers

Process of work ▪ we use methodological and strategic approach to design effective and results-oriented identity systems.

Insight gathering

Through the discovery workshop, we learn about your company, vision & goals and understand your audience and their needs.

Moodboards & creative direction

We combine design references with custom-made design ideas for 2 or 3 different Moodboards to help us choose a creative direction.

Identity foundation

According to the selected Moodboard, we continue working on the foundational brand assets like logo, color palette, and typography.

Delivery & implementation

We create the overall design system and supply all the needed brand assets for continuous integration.

Working on a project

Why work with us

At Alphamark, we value transparency, effective collaboration, and practical design solutions that leave a lasting impression.

Strategic Approach

We use our strategic work methodology to design results-oriented solutions.

Quality over Quantity

Focused on essential design principles, we craft the finest details on each project.

Close Collaboration

Each project gets attention, in-person updates, feedback, and personal input.

Online brand guidelines

Brand assets directory where your team can download files, get color codes, etc.

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