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Identity design for an emerging company that brings revolutionary water purification technology to places where water is most needed.

Dropterra Limited is a full-service solution provider with a turnkey approach to producing clean and fresh water in regions where shortages are becoming acute and where current production methods are no longer economically or environmentally sustainable.

They market an award-winning and innovative technology capable of delivering water of the highest purity, from any kind of water source.

The process of purifying the water is fully autonomous, affordable and sustainable — powered by the sun with zero environmental impact.

Acting as a strategic design partner, in close collaboration with the Dropterra team, we developed a clean and cohesive identity, helping them to emerge as a leader in bringing the right water purification technology to places where water is most needed.

A line-inspired symbol was constructed to form a water drop while using a combination of thinner and thicker lines to associate to the water filtering (purification) process. The line is embedded into the brand's DNA throughout various media, reinforcing the brand personality and brand message.

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Logo Design
Corporate Identity Design
Branding Guidelines
Company Pitch Deck

Dropterra Business Cards
Dropterra Visual Communication
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Client Testimonial

“Working with Alphamark has been absolutely phenomenal! Their ability to go deep, truly understand a business and then transform this into a brand and a narrative is exceptional. Antonio is a gifted professional with an ability to tell a company’s story that resonates and sticks. Can highly recommend Alphamark and look forward to continuing our working relationship with them!“

Francois Schramek

Co-Founder • Dropterra Limited

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