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Entering a world of paradise — A dynamic brand expression to mirror the energetic and engaging brand personality.

TRIP / Trapped in Paradise is an event organizer and video production hub focused on creating special experiences with world-class artists in prime locations. TRIP organizes one of a kind, exceptional moments for people looking to experience the world of paradise.

Inspired by the progressive and artistic personality, we developed a dynamic identity system that elegantly combines the two contrasting sides of the Syne typeface, regular and super-extended font-weights.

By achieving typographic contrast, we mirrored the energetic and engaging brand character while maintaining a mature tone. A simple and elevated typographic symbol was introduced along with the logo wordmark, to complement the identity while laying a bold foundation for the visual expression.

Deliverables ↓

Visual Communication
Logo Design
Branding Identity

TRIP Post Cards
TRIP Merch
TRIP Merch
TRIP Totebag
TRIP Poster
TRIP Poster on stairs
TRIP Magazine
TRIP Magazine
Trip Posters
TRIP T-shirt Closeup
TRIP T-shirt inside
TRIP Instagram on phone
TRIP Life Poster Exploration
TRIP Instagram Stories
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